How To: Care Instructions for Suede

With fall having arrived, suede has more than likely become a new companion to our wardrobe. Suede is more delicate than leather, but is more low maintenance. 

While owning suede can be petrifying to say the least, here's a few tips on how to care for your suede items. 

Suede: A type of leather with a napped finish.

1. Suede Brush: Purchase a multi-purpose suede brush as it will be more gentle and will avoid scuffing. Brush your shoes after every wear, but always brush in the same direction as the napping to avoid spreading dirt. 

2. Suede Protectant: Spray shoes regularly to prevent scuffing's and stains. Also, do not leave shoes in direct sunlight, this can cause fading. 

**For suede staining, I recommend taking your shoes into a cobbler, trying at home stain removal remedies can increase the risk of you ruining the material.

~Styled By Kaiye