How To: Care Instructions For Your Handbag

We all want to use our handbags season after season, year after year. So whether your bag is designer or not, here's a few tips to keep your bag looking spanking brand new! 

1) Use your dust bag. Designer purses will always come with a dust bag, use it, it will be your new best friend! Dust bags are used to store your handbag when not in use. Its primary use is to keep dust and dirt off of your handbag. Other usages include protecting your bag from scratches and stains as well as helping the material of your handbag breathe so it will last longer. If you have misplaced your dust bag or your handbag did not come with one, I recommend using a soft natural fiber pillowcase. 

2) Straps. Handbags that have chains as straps should be stored inside of the handbag to avoid scratching. Undo strap buckles to avoid leaving impressions in the material. 

3) Storage. Once your handbag is stored in its dust bag, I recommend storing the handbag on a flat service. Storage cubes would make for an awesome display of your handbag(s)! Also, try stuffing your handbag with tissue paper, bubble wrap, or out of season items you no longer wear to help your handbag keep its shape. Hanging your handbag as a means of storage can cause unwanted wear and tear. 

4) Products. Cleaning and moisturizing your handbag is essential to keeping your item looking freshly purchased! Most designer stores sell cleaners and moisturizers suited to your handbags material. I try to moisturize my handbags at least one a month to keep the leather shiny. I also recommend using rain and stain repellents to avoid any permanent weather stains or "oopsies" you may cause.  

5) Rotating. Change is good. I cannot stress enough how helpful it will be in the long run to rotate your purse usage! This may sound like a pain, but if your purse is packed properly with essentials and those essentials are stored in pouches, it will literally take you 2 mins top to switch out your handbag! Over using your handbag will cause unwanted wear and tear to happen faster, you will also be more prone to getting stains on it as well. And well, no one wants to deal with a worn out, stained handbag. If you're not interested in rotating your handbags, I recommend purchasing what I call a "work bag". A tote that you can stuff full with everything you need and not have to stress over ruining it. 

How do you care for your handbags? Leave any questions and comments below, I'd love to hear from you!

~Styled By Kaiye