Style Tips: The Cape Trend

Capes have been all the rave this fall! A cape is a sleeveless outerwear garment. While capes may be cute and trending, they can be a little difficult to style at first. I purchased my first cape a couple months ago and have had some trouble styling it, so after my fashion crisis, I'm here to give you some pointers on how to make the trend work for you! Capes come in various styles, lengths, and fabrics, so be sure to pick one that suits your lifestyle. Stay on the look out for some cape styling I have coming to the blog soon! 

1.) Prints. A lot of capes have been created to be paired with a matching skirt or pants. Go for the print on print look for a more street style appeal. Or choose a print that can be worn with other items in your closet. 

2.) Shape. To balance out a cape that has a rounded or flared bottom, pair your cape with slim fit pants. 

3.) Material. Wools capes are perfect for everyday wear, but if you're looking for something more fancy, invest in a silk cape. 

4.) Accessories. Pairing a structured handbag or clutch with your cape will balance out the shape give you a more polished look. 

5.) Don't own a cape? If you don't own a cape, it's easy to make it look as if you do! Just take your coat, throw it over your shoulders and voila! Be sure to leave your coat open so your sweater or dress underneath shows. You can also just button the top button if you please. 

How do you style your cape?

~Styled By Kaiye