My Style Secret To Wearing Black

The color Black is known to be associated with elegance, power, formality, evil, death and mystery. 

Let's face it, some people are "anti black on black", I am not one them...

For me, black makes me feel elegant, powerful, sexy, and in charge. And if you haven't worked in the beauty or fashion industry, your love for black may not be as strong as mine. Wearing black on black may be a little hard to pull off for some, but here's my secret to wearing black...

First and foremost, as I've previously stated, wearing black makes me feel elegant and powerful, therefore sleek hair is a must! Whether it be a sleek bun, ponytail or slicked back hair, nothing says "elegance" like sleek does. Lastly, groomed brows and a precise bold lip will finish your look completely. Everyone is going to assume you're depressed, sad or going to a funeral, so spicing up your look with a snazzy lip!  

There you have it, my secret is out. And I must warn you, you'll be seeing a lot of black on black looks on my blog this fall/winter. Don't worry, I'm here to make you look like you just stepped off the runway! 

Comment your thoughts, like and share, I'd love to hear your style secret to wearing black!

~Styled By Kaiye