How To: Remove Wrinkles from Leather

I have two handbags that were suffering from some serious wrinkles|mishaping. One was my fault from not storing it properly, the other is because it was shipped to me that way. I tried the whole "stuffing the bag to maintain its shape", but in the case of my travesty it wasn't helping with the wrinkles. 

So, like the crafty and curious person I am (insert embarrassed face here), I attempted to get rid of the wrinkles by ironing the inside of my bag (you can call me stupid now, but hey, you won't know if it works or not unless you try it). And no, it didn't work, but I did almost burn my hand and my purse lol. But I researched and found a better way to remove those wrinkles from your leather :)

Take your blow dryer, if you're a little cautious start out by using the low heat setting, I used the high heat setting for faster results. Apply the heat to the area in which you would like to remove the wrinkles. I placed high heat in the wrinkled area(s) until I felt the area was warm enough. The heat will loosen up the wrinkles|creases. Then take a soft cloth and gently rub the wrinkles out. Repeat until you've reached your desired wrinkle-free level. 

If you didn't already know about this little tip, I hope it comes in handy for you :)

~Styled By Kaiye