Irresistible Me Clip-In Hair Extensions Review

As we all know, I’m a huge fan of short hair, and while I’m not ready to commit to a sew-in, clip-ins were the best options for me. Simple to apply, easy to wear and non-damaging to your natural hair, why wouldn’t I try it?!

What I Ordered:

Style: Silky Touch Clip-In Hair Extensions

Color: Silky Jet Black #1

Length/Weight: 16 inches, 140 grams

The Silky Touch hair is 100% Remy human hair. The thickness of the hair decreases towards the ends to give the most natural appearance possible. Silky Touch can be washed, cut, colored and styled with heat just like your natural hair!


My ordered arrived so quickly I couldn’t believe it! Your order ships in a flat black tri fold box labeled “Irresistible Me Hair Extensions”. Inside the box you will find a red two compartment zip lock pouch, one side containing the test weft to make sure the hair is to your liking and the other containing your wefts. Be sure to not open the compartment containing the wefts, once the seal is broken the hair is non-returnable. The amount of wefts you receive will depend upon the grams you order, I ordered 140g and received 8 wefts:

- 1 Test Weft

- 1 Four Clip Weft

- 2 Three Clip Wefts

- 2 Two Clip Wefts

- 2 One Clip Wefts

The Verdict:

Once I tested the test weft and determined it was the right choice for me, I proceeded to open the second compartment and comb through the wefts to detangle them. Lucky for me, there were no tangles to begin with! The hair was securely tied in a rubber band and wrapped in a hair net. After straightening and curling the hair and using minimal product, the extensions kept their silky touch and natural shine, I got so many compliments when I went grocery shopping :). It took about 5 minutes to clip them in, and no more than 20 minutes top altogether with styling. And as you may have noticed, I don’t like spending a lot of time on my hair. Since I only ordered 140 grams, the extensions themselves didn’t feel to heavy and blended with my natural hair perfectly. I would highly recommend giving Irresistible Me a try if you’re bored with your short hair, or just want to add some length and/or fullness to your hair. The price is budget friendly as well!

Shop Irresistible Me today, you may just see me with long hair a little bit more ;)

~Styled By Kaiye