Prepping for Spring

I'm officially over winter, and Spring is officially 9 days away! *throws glitter* With that being said, its time to start prepping your closet for spring if you haven't already; and I'm going to give you some pointers on what to keep, what to toss and what items may have hope. 

First, you're going to need four containers (or boxes, which ever you prefer). These four containers will be labeled "Keep", "Toss", "Maybe" and "Fixable". 

Keep: Your keep container will contain everything you know for certain you will wear this season or next season. This will help you to separate your fall/winter clothing from your spring clothing. Once you have this sorted out, you can either keep you past season items in the container and put it in storage, or you can keep them in your closet and move your spring clothing to the front so they are more visible when getting dressed. 

Toss: Personally, I have attachment issues and it's always really hard for me to throw things away. But while you're sorting through your possible "toss" items, there's a few things to keep in mind:

1) Is it wearable? And by wearable I mean is it full of holes? Is it full of rips? Is there an excessive amount of piling? If you answered yes, then sorry, but its got to go :(

2) Do you feel confident? And by this I mean is it flattering on your body? If its skin tight, or entirely too big more than likely you won't feel like you can conquer the world. Confidence is key, and your appearance plays a big role in feeling confident. 

Maybe: Your maybe pile may consist of something that holds special value to you. Maybe a friend or family member gave it to you and it's not your style. Maybe you wore it to a special event or you feel like you have good luck when you wear it. With this I say place it back into your closet with the hanger facing opposite of your other hangers, if you notice that the hanger has not been flipped after 90 days, then toss it! But there's one exception, if it truly has memorabilia vibe to it, keep it in a safe storage area. 

Fixable: Fixable. If this is a item that is missing a button, needs some tailoring, hemming, etcetera and you know you're going to wear it, then place this back into your closet. If after 90 days its still unfixed, then sorry, its got to go! 

I hope these tips help you get prepped for Spring! You can also use these same steps when prepping your shoes for spring. How do you do your spring cleaning?

~Styled By Kaiye