Personal Wine: Bottle of Wits Collection

Based on a scene from The Princess Bride, the Bottle of Wits collection contains two wines, “Inconceivable Cab,” and “As You Wish Chardonnay.” Famous artist David Irlanda created the custom artwork for the collection.

If you’ve already watched this cult classic film you’re quite familiar with this scene, if you haven’t don’t worry I’m here to fill you in! Westley, also known as Dread Pirate Roberts challenges criminal Vizzini to a battle of wits to death. Westley fills two goblets of wine and tells Vizzini that one contains a poisonous powder and places a goblet in front of each drink. Vizzini then has to figure out which goblet does not contain the poison. Vizzini is unaware that Westley is immune to poison and that both goblets have poison. Westley wins the battle and saves Princess Buttercup.

Made in Lodi, California, the As You Wish Chardonnay is medium bodied with balanced acidity. The nose has a bright tropical fruit flavor and finishes with a citrus lace taste. The Inconceivable Cab is a bold cabernet, it is predominately dark fruits with a hint of oak. It is full of plum and black cherry fruit and is balanced by firm acidity and tannins. It finishes off with a cedar and vanilla finish.

While they both are equally tasty, my favorite is the Inconceivable Cab, it pairs wonderfully with bold dishes such as beef or lamb. The As You Wish Chardonnay can be paired dishes such as fish or chicken.

Both bottles can be purchased as a set for $39.99 or you can purchase them separately for $22.99 each. Hurry and get your hands on this great limited edition collection before it is gone and also check out all the other custom wines Personal Wine has to offer!

~Styled By Kaiye