2017 Goal Setting Game

"Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes time. Vision with action can change the world." ~Joel A Barker

Hey, hey, HEY! 2017 is right around the corner and I have already set my 2017 goals in place and I'm so ready to take on the new year! I think it is so important to write down and set goals for yourself. Speaking your dreams into existence is KEY! I recently did a goal setting game with a friend and thought I'd shared it with my Glamourland babes to help you get a jump start on your 2017 goals. Hope you enjoy!

Wheel of Fortune

Formulated into a goal setting game by Denis Waitley, this activity requires you to draw a big circle and then divide it into several slices – much like what you would do with a pizza! 

These slices or sections represent the different areas of your life. 

Each section stands for a life category like health, finances, education, career, relationships, spirituality, and community.

Since these categories are of relevance to you, you will need to write down all the goals you wish to achieve under them. 

Based on your list, choose one category you would like to focus on, perhaps one which you have not given that much importance to.

Meditate on it.

Let your thoughts and feelings flow. 

Think of more ways by which you can achieve such goals and put them into writing.

Next, hang this wheel on the wall. 

Make it visible to everyone in the family

This will remind you to keep track of these goals and make progress on them. 

Once you have fulfilled a certain goal, move on the next

Before you know it, you will have addressed many areas of your life.

~Styled By Kaiye